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The XNA 3D Gizmo is a transformation widget that provides all the common and advanced transformation features of those found in DCC applications such as 3D Studio Max and Maya.

Version v2.0.0 of the XNA 3D Gizmo component. (XNA 4.0)

As the name suggests (2.0.0) it involves a major change compared to 1.0.0 which was released well over a year ago. The new release provides a much improved framework and simplified code while adding customization options if more advanced usage is desired.

FOR EXISTING USERS: If you are already using v1.0.0 you may choose to leave this release alone unless you require additional customization options or more advanced features which have been added in this release (see notes below for all additions)

I hope this component will be of good use to you if you're working on your own editor...

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to let me know on Codeplex or on my Blog. I'd like to make this component as complete and painless to implement as possible!


Credit is due for Sean James (MouseDevice.cs) and XNA CC for Quad.cs/BoundingOrientedBox.cs

More info can be found on my Blog:
Comments & Questions can be posted in the Discussions tab or on my blog.

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